Workers' Compensation

Did you know that workers' compensation laws were originally passed for the protection of the employer? It's true. Employers were being sued by employees for unsafe working conditions and co-employees were suing each other for negligence. The money damages were too great for employers so they sought protection from their lawmakers.

As a result, workers' compensation was created with the idea that everyone would recover some amount for injuries in the workplace but the amount of recovery would be controlled. Thus, workers' compensation laws put in place caps on employer liability and provided injured workers immediate - yet reduced - benefits and eliminated the need to prove negligence or fault.




Question: When should I contact an attorney?

If you would like to schedule a initial consultation contact an Kansas workers' compensation attorney, representing clients in Prairie Village at McCullough, Wareheim & LaBunker, P.A. Give us a call at (785) 233-2362 or complete our inquiry form.


This is a difficult question. The law firm of McCullough, Wareheim & LaBunker would be happy to provide you a free legal consultation. We have three goals to accomplish when initially meeting with an injured worker. We first educate the client on their rights and responsibilities. We evaluate whether the client is currently receiving proper benefits and answer any questions. Finally, we explain to the client whether we believe legal representation is necessary and if so we explain the attorney fees and expenses that would be involved. A work related injury can have a major impact on the worker and his or her family. Knowing your rights and making informed decisions is a very logical course of action.

On behalf of McCULLOUGH, WAREHEIM & LaBUNKER, P.A. we hope this material will be of benefit to you in answering your questions relative to work-related injuries. This material is a part of an ongoing commitment by McCULLOUGH, WAREHEIM & LaBUNKER, P.A. to unions, their members, and injured workers in the State of Kansas.Contact one of our Kansas work injury lawyers representing clients in Prairie Village, Kansas (and throughout the State of Kansas) today to schedule your initial consultation.

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