Workers' Compensation

Did you know that workers' compensation laws were originally passed for the protection of the employer? It's true. Employers were being sued by employees for unsafe working conditions and co-employees were suing each other for negligence. The money damages were too great for employers so they sought protection from their lawmakers.

As a result, workers' compensation was created with the idea that everyone would recover some amount for injuries in the workplace but the amount of recovery would be controlled. Thus, workers' compensation laws put in place caps on employer liability and provided injured workers immediate - yet reduced - benefits and eliminated the need to prove negligence or fault.




Question: I have heard that my wage is important. Is it?

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It is. There are generally two (2) types of money benefits under workers' compensation. The first is called "temporary total disability" which is paid to an injured worker when they are off work because of their injury and still receiving treatment. The second is called "permanent partial disability" which is paid on a weekly basis at the end of your case assuming the injury results in permanent impairment or disability. The amount for both of these checks is the same. The weekly amount is 2/3's of your average weekly wage not to exceed a State maximum. Thus, the higher your average weekly wage, the higher your weekly checks. The law directs how your average weekly wage should be calculated. It is based upon your wage for the 26 weeks before your date of accident.

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